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When itching all over can be a sign of an internal disease.  This is Dr. Steven Andrew Davis, Speaking of Health.

Everyone itches from time to time.  A little here; something there.  There are skin conditions which can even make someone itch all over.  Severely dry skin is one of them, scabies -- a tiny parasite -- is another.  There are a host of other primarily skin disorders which can make someone itch all over and then there's the patient with total body itching without any obvious primary sk
Internal metabolic problems can cause total body itching.  These can range diseases of the kidneys to the liver or gall bladder.  Blood disorders with strange names like polycythemia vera can cause it.  Certain types of cancers, ranging from lymphomas to those of specific internal organs can trigger total body itching as can infections like parasite in the gut.

There are yet other internal problems which trigger total body itching and what can confuse the picture even more is the fact that at times, people can itch all over psychological or psychiatric reasons.

The cause could be in the skin, in the body or in the mind.  If it doesn't resolve in a reasonable period of time it's worth a visit to the family doctor or dermatologist.  For a copy of this script access our web site,  Speaking of Health, I'm Dr. Steven Andrew Davis, for CBS News.


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